Chinese Basic 1
Origin and Languages - Writing


Each Chinese character is made up of a fixed number of strokes. These strokes are written in a fixed order and each stroke is drawn in a particular direction. All characters fit into an imaginary square, irrespective of the size and number of strokes.

Below are listed the eight basic strokes, which can either function as simple strokes by themselves or as part of more complex strokes.

横 竖 捺 撇 提 点 钩 弯


Complex strokes are made up of simple strokes. The names of the simple strokes are normally added together to name complex stroke.
For example: gou shùgōu

When several horizontal and vertical strokes are added, the name of the complex stroke starts with the name of the first stroke followed by and possible a final hook.
For example: héngzhégōu héngzhégōu

(Note: There is some debate over the set of basic strokes and the naming of complex strokes)

Stroke Order

Chinese characters are made up of a fixed number of strokes written in a fixed order.
Here are some straightforward guidelines to help with the order of strokes:

Stroke order guidelines