iClicker Tools

iClicker Cloud


iClicker Cloud is the latest recommended software from iClicker.
Students may sign up for a free iClicker Reef account and can participate using mobile devices, laptops, and iClicker remotes.

iClicker Classic v7.21.0

iClicker Classic is compatible for use with Laulima.
It does not require the download of the sakaigradebook.csv and RemoteID.csv files. To use iClicker Classic, students will need to register their remotes through the i>clicker tool in Laulima.

https://www.hawaii.edu/talent/downloads/iclicker/iclicker-7.21.0-win.zip (Win)
https://www.hawaii.edu/talent/downloads/iclicker/iclicker-7.21.0-mac.zip (Mac) Installation Instructions for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)

iClicker v6.4.1

iClicker v6.4.1 is no longer supported.