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Summer 2023 courses (both sessions) are currently published (accessible to students). Spring 2023 courses will be unpublished (made inaccessible to students) closer to the start of the Fall 2023 semester. Instructors can manually unpublish (or publish) courses at any time. (05/17/23 @3:00pm)

Spring 2023 courses have been published (visible and accessible to students). Note that instructors can publish or unpublish courses manually at any time. (01/04/23 @3:00pm), Fall 2022 courses have been unpublished. (01/09/23 @11:00am HST)

Note that the Forums tool has been renamed to Discussions. However, instructors/maintainers can change the name of tools at any time.

Missing a course? If you do not see your Summer 2023 course listed in the tab cluster near the top of the page, check if it is listed in the "Sites" drawer. To put sites into the tab cluster on the top, click the star next to the title in the Sites drawer. Note that instructors can also manually publish and unpublish courses, so you may not see all of the courses you are associated with (or you may see more if an instructor re-published an older site). If it is not there, please fill out a "Site Request" form and provide detailed information about the course you are looking for. During very busy registration times courses may take a while to show up in your account.


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