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University Student Launch Initiative 2009-2010

 Leo Hano
The Voice of Authority & Respect

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Our entire project is based on educational outreach and the possibilities of students not only utilizing the altitude of rockets for their own projects (a payload bay) but also learning about the different phases a rocket goes though flight (hence the voice over). It is our goal to encourage interest in STEM programs by using programs such as K.I.T.S., Kids In Technology and Science, which would reach out to young students everywhere and demonstrate the technology employed at NASA and available for students at the elementary and secondary levels. Participants’ would be educated as to the plethora of varied career paths within NASA including those in fields of aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, horticulture, nutrition, physics, astronomy, and even cosmetology! Their potential roles within these applied fields would be examined and encouraged through hands-on tactile activities and guided study devised for just that purpose.

Leo Hano Educational Engagement Pamphlet (PDFWord 2003)

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November 21, 2009

December 19, 2009

January 16, 2010

February 6, 2010


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